Move Your Aspie (Why Travel)

Grizzly In Denali National Park by KJ Swan
We encountered this Grizzly shortly after it had finished an adult moose.

Chances are you’ve heard at least one of the following comments: “Broaden your horizons” “Take a risk” “It’s good to get out in the world” “Do something different” and of course the parental, “Get out of your room – you spend too much time inside. Meet new people, have an adventure.” Whatever reason you choose, please travel because you want to, because you like to. 

Here are some of the reasons I travel:

  • I feel a sense of accomplishment, and rightfully so. My self-esteem gets a boost.
  • New experiences help my old experiences stay in perspective. Getting a wider view on life helps me keep my own issues and troubles in perspective.
  • I love to learn and there’s no better way than through direct experience.
  • The places I go are spectacular, beautiful and interesting. It’s thrilling to encounter wildlife in natural environments. Through travel, my appreciation for life, beauty and diversity grows.
  • I experience a sense of freedom from judgment when I travel. I like being anonymous. There are no expectations for me to meet. I can relax knowing I will never see any of the people I encounter while traveling ever again. As a foreigner, I am often excused from not knowing or practicing cultural and social rules. I feel like I can be more of who I actually am without explanations, excuses, apologies – the way I’d like to be all the time. (I’m getting there.)
  • Whenever I leave my safe, familiar environment, I am forced (in a good way) to release my ingrained routines allowing me to expand and grow in ways I wouldn’t otherwise.
  • Because I know that the most memorable experiences and stories come from all those unexpected twists and turns that go along with travel, I get through fear and confusion. I often remind myself that the unexpected is all part of the adventure.
  • And in the end, I have great memories, images and stories to share, which I hope you really enjoy too.

I’m not going to pretend that travel for sensory sensitives is easy. It isn’t. Ultimately, it’s a matter of determining for yourself what is worthwhile for you. Starting with local destinations and expanding out is probably the best way to begin. Bottom Line: Whatever your reason to travel is – go for it! You may just have the best time of your life.

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